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Thankful for a valuable experience

Analysts expect 2016 to be a challenging year.

Passive thinkers can only accept the escalating cost of living, grouse unhappiness but do nothing to ride out the problem.

Yet the optimistic ones believe that something good can still happen as they look for opportunities to invest. Despite the current market challenges, many still think there can be a demand for landed properties. Some may attend seminars to enrich their knowledge or explore other venues. Many new businesses start from a small way and expand slowly.

Sometimes ago, I made the decision of bringing in my children to groom them in the publishing line. They can takeover the helm when we both grow old. The younger generation has not been through sufferings so they must learn to take charge of all decisions through both good and bad times. Can they rise to the forthcoming challenges? Well, with much grooming given, we can only see their potential in dMany foreigners constantly praise Malaysia for having much natural resources, geographical position is ideal, enjoys a tropical climate all year round. Though himid but there is always an occasional heavy downpour. We may not realize how lucky we can be as our country do not have to put up with extreme weather events like earthquakes, typhoons, tsunami or volcano eruptions.

Prior to the Mid-Autumn Festival, our family members (a portion of us only) got together for a tirp to Yongchun County, Fujian province for our root searching schedule.Typhoon Meranti hit the province, being the strongest typhoon to hit Fujian in 67 years. Schools, shopping malls, factories and all tourist spots had to close. Public transport was nil as highways were all barricaded to stop operation. Ships that operated in related waters were told to return to the harbour and public announcements forbade tourists from leaving the hotels.

Next day, the weather was better and we left for Xiamen. What greeted us on the highways were hugh signboards that had toppled over. Big trees got uprooted, an ancient bridge in Yongchun County was destroyed. China’s State Flood Control And Drought Relief Headquarters activated emergency response to cope with the after-effects. Young soldiers did very well in providing aid and help with disaster relief work.

Nevertheless, it was a good learning experience for us all and we felt blessed to live in a land free from such catastrophic effetcs.


Richard & Catherine


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